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Var Tagging

Tagging Varibles sush as mood:busy would alow for more flexiblity within files so programs can acess them in difrent ways. Manipulating a text string is standered programer fair. would also alow the true Psycos to Code there posts off of a Templet. how do we Hanndel username/Password. Should username be part of Standered posts, so those that use multipul Journals can change with ease. Should posters Look for password Tag. Post returns Itemid should a message have itemid:12345 tagged to front of file. If we are alowing offline edting of post after it is posted then we need a changed tag as first line, poster would read first line from file and if it equles Changed:false next file, else if changed:true then editevent, else postevent
Anymore ideas outthere.
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