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Properties from mode:postevent

Mode: postevent (Poster)
user: (Composer/Poster if not present)
password (Composer/poster of not present) (Under Debate)
Hpassword (same as password) better option if saved to a text file
ver: Poster desided by programer
event: Last item of text file or Sepreate tag (Needs discution)
leneendings (Set by composer they format the event text (if any))
Subject: If Blank then no Subject
security public and provate are easy to do and be shure of results usemask uses
Allowmask Have no idea how to set this up any ideas (Set By composer)
year,,hour,min set by composer Whant entries to reflect time created not time posted
Prop_Name Haven't seen the docs on this yet, but would be set by composer (I think)
Usejournal by composer

returned info
Sucess Set Changed/Posted/??? property (Under Discustion)
errmsg post error message posibly server error (poster)
Itemid Tag as seconed line to Changed/posted/??? Would alow for editing entries

Editing an item has same field + itemid so edit shoun't be that hard
Mode Syncitems would alow for updateing files when they where changed by other means includeing DL post you made while useing other computer ie at firends while on vacation.
Mode login used to get minor information (Moods)
Clientversion Prefixed by Some tag to be defined we may need to talk to admins to see how we should format it to refelct the use of 2 programs.
Getpickws Picture Key Words
getmoods get moods to fill mood list
Need to format returned file for Off-Line Clients who use Pic's / Moods ect
Poster and Composer should use message
access to propagate journal list

Lots of stuff still to go fell free to give ideas on how to handel all the propeties...
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