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Document Design Spec Part 1

What information is Required in what part of Program pair
On-Line (Poster)
User Name
Server Local
Proxy Setup

Off-Line (Composer)
Entry to post
Auto Format
Comment Feature
Active Journal

Please Fell Free to add, change, remove any Piece
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I'm presently working on an LJ framework in Objective-C. I want to be able to save journal entry objects to disk and load them later, and so I would be very interested in supporting a common format developed here.

I suggest keeping the format close to how the information is sent via the client server protocol: things like mood, music, allow comments, etc. should be saved as a generic set of properties. Then new properties can be added without changing the file format.

The composer/editor should also be able to edit entries that have already been posted; thus, the journal entry format should keep track of journal and itemid and not allow these to be changed once they are set.
Good idea .. Haven't looked how to make the other functions of LJ work. Editing old entries shouldn't be too bad.. Will have to look at protocalls and see how they refrence posts for editing ... It is the Poster -> Internet part of this project I am the most uncertain about ...
I'm currently writing an LJ Client; at the moment it's an online client, but one of the features is for entries to be able to be saved to disk (that way you can write part of an entry and come back to it later, and it isn't lost if the server is down, or the computer crashes or whatever). And then, making my client an offline client should be as simple as allowing the option to log on only when posting, rather than straight away.

For now I'm saving as simple text files, but I'd certainly be interested in supporting any common format that people come up with.