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Off Line Live Journal Client's Journal

19th May, 2002. 7:29 pm. End of the mounth(acidraven)

Hopefully by the end of the mounth I will have a Prelim copy of my windows Poster (writen in VB) and Pocket PC Compuser (Writen in eVB) with a windows composer falowing closely behind (Cut and Pasteing Code and make a new UI) The file format used are not destioned to be the file format of the future. I am whanting to see if my ideas work to the server and am willing to share my Programs with others.

Current mood: accomplished.

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17th May, 2002. 10:01 pm. Properties from mode:postevent(acidraven)

Mode: postevent (Poster)
user: (Composer/Poster if not present)
password (Composer/poster of not present) (Under Debate)
Hpassword (same as password) better option if saved to a text file
ver: Poster desided by programer
event: Last item of text file or Sepreate tag (Needs discution)
leneendings (Set by composer they format the event text (if any))
Subject: If Blank then no Subject
security public and provate are easy to do and be shure of results usemask uses
Allowmask Have no idea how to set this up any ideas (Set By composer)
year,mon.day,hour,min set by composer Whant entries to reflect time created not time posted
Prop_Name Haven't seen the docs on this yet, but would be set by composer (I think)
Usejournal by composer

returned info
Sucess Set Changed/Posted/??? property (Under Discustion)
errmsg post error message posibly server error (poster)
Itemid Tag as seconed line to Changed/posted/??? Would alow for editing entries

Editing an item has same field + itemid so edit shoun't be that hard
Mode Syncitems would alow for updateing files when they where changed by other means includeing DL post you made while useing other computer ie at firends while on vacation.
Mode login used to get minor information (Moods)
Clientversion Prefixed by Some tag to be defined we may need to talk to admins to see how we should format it to refelct the use of 2 programs.
Getpickws Picture Key Words
getmoods get moods to fill mood list
Need to format returned file for Off-Line Clients who use Pic's / Moods ect
Poster and Composer should use message
access to propagate journal list

Lots of stuff still to go fell free to give ideas on how to handel all the propeties...

Current mood: nerdy.

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17th May, 2002. 9:26 pm. Var Tagging(acidraven)

Tagging Varibles sush as mood:busy would alow for more flexiblity within files so programs can acess them in difrent ways. Manipulating a text string is standered programer fair. would also alow the true Psycos to Code there posts off of a Templet. how do we Hanndel username/Password. Should username be part of Standered posts, so those that use multipul Journals can change with ease. Should posters Look for password Tag. Post returns Itemid should a message have itemid:12345 tagged to front of file. If we are alowing offline edting of post after it is posted then we need a changed tag as first line, poster would read first line from file and if it equles Changed:false next file, else if changed:true then editevent, else postevent
Anymore ideas outthere.

Current mood: busy.

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16th May, 2002. 5:56 pm. Offline content and archiving in ljupdate(hober)

Hey there!

Existing offline content and archiving functionality in ljupdate, the Emacs client, takes advantage of Emacs' preexisting ability to manipulate vairous mailbox formats, so each LJ post is stored as though it were an email or usenet post.

Consider this example document:

X-LJ-Profile: hober-livejournal
X-LJ-Community: ol_lj_client
Subject: Offline content and archiving in ljupdate
X-LJ-Music: Juliana Hatfield - Leather Pants
X-LJ-Picture: shinji
X-LJ-Allow-Comments: yes
X-LJ-Access: public
Hey there!
Existing offline content and archiving functionality in <lj
user="ljupdate"<, the Emacs client, takes advantage of Emacs'

Clearly, what headers appear and how they are formatted is something to discuss; the above headers are currently presumably quite idiosyncratic to ljupdate, but I think there are perhaps many advantages to using a simple mail document format. Here are a few of them:

  1. Many languages already have library functions for accessing mailbox archives / header fields / etc.,
  2. The format isn't more complicated than need be (Yay Occam),
  3. This perhaps allows the user to easily unify his or her mail archive / Usenet archive / LiveJournal archive

Point 2 touches upon something of a pet peeve of mine: I think using some *ML as the standard offline content format would be a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad idea.

Anyway. Stuff to think about.

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16th May, 2002. 2:40 pm. Document Design Spec Part 1(acidraven)

What information is Required in what part of Program pair
On-Line (Poster)
User Name
Server Local
Proxy Setup

Off-Line (Composer)
Entry to post
Auto Format
Comment Feature
Active Journal

Please Fell Free to add, change, remove any Piece

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16th May, 2002. 2:35 pm. Intro(acidraven)

This Community will soon become the home of A Off-Line LiveJournal Client.
The Basic Premiss is for users to chose 2 programs from Off-line and On-Line types.
Off-Line Programs Create Text Files that fallowing a Format to be discussed
On-LIne Programs Read Text Files and Post them Directly To a LiveJournal Server
First thing the Community will be looking for are Programmers to Develop Booth On-Line and Off-Line Programs. All OS types will be accepted, if someone can Write a DOS/DOS Apps then more power to them. The Only Requirement is Following the Document Design Spec.
So with no Further delay, Let's start work.

Current mood: nerdy.

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